What is Elixir Oud and when do you apply it?

Elixir Oud is a hybrid facial oil that feels light like a serum, but moisturizes intensely like a cream — due to its small particle size and heavy molecular weight. It can be applied to the facial area on its own, or with other products, like a serum and/or cream.


  1. Complete cleansing ritual leaving the skin damp.

  2. Dispense Elixir Oud onto the palm of the hands, or blend with optional serum & cream all onto the palm of the hands.

  3. Massage all over face, neck, and eye area; then inhale a full breath of Oud into the body.

  4. Apply any eye treatments and sunscreens as desired.


  1. Complete cleansing & toning ritual, and any facial masks.

  2. Apply water-based serum and/or eye treatment gel.

  3. Massage 3 drops of Elixir Oud onto the facial area, then cup the hands over the nose and take 5 deep breaths, inhaling the therapeutic biomolecules of Oud.

  4. Press face cream on to dry zones and/or neck area if needed.

  5. Pat moisturizing eye cream around orbital bone.

  6. Finish with sunscreen or makeup if applicable.

How is Elixir Oud best applied?

For best absorbency, apply on damp skin after cleansing/toning ritual. Dispense 3 drops of Elixir Oud onto the palm of the hands, rub together, then massage onto facial skin and neck area in upwards strokes. Then, cup the hands over the nose and inhale 5 deep breaths. This allows the powerful biomolecules of Oud into the body for a holistic therapeutic effect.

What is Oud?

Oud in the past has been strictly reserved as a fine fragrance ingredient for kings and queens in the middle east, due to its expense and rarity, and deeply exotic, regal smelling aroma. It’s also a phenomenal skincare and wellness ingredient, that acts on every sign of age with its powerful anti-inflammatory properties and regenerative compounds.  There are actually 150 constituents of Oud that haven’t been identified, so its still partially a mystery on exactly how or what makes Oud so powerful, but due to the amount of scientific research, it’s proven to work.

Where does Oud come from and what does it do?

Oud is a result of a 100+ year process of the agarwood tree protecting itself against a parasitical attack. It produces Oud in its heartwood to shield its core against contamination, protecting its very own survival.  In many ways, this is how Oud has been shown to protect against cellular damage, and to regenerate healthy, vibrant skin cells. It’s basically a warrior in combat that is constantly fighting to protect your skin against damage and toxicity, so every cell is energized and youthful.

Can Oud be used for meditation?

The Elixir Oud collection is designed to be inhaled during and after skincare application, so you can breathe in the therapeutic biomolecules of Oud into the body as well, for its additional transformative and meditative effects. 

Are MILÈO ingredients chemical free?

Every ingredient is 100% botanical. All solvents are organic and petrochemical free. All ingredients are tested through an expensive process called GC/MS (gas chromatography mass spectrum), which gives an analysis to verify that no adulterations, chemicals, synthetics, dyes, fragrances, or dilutions are present in the pure extraction.

Why are some flowers extracted in Grasse, France?

Grasse, France, has chemical-free extraction machines that are specially built for delicate flowers like Thai Frangipani, and Chinese Osmanthus to name a few. These flowers are first cultivated and hand-picked in their country of origin, then meticulously packed in metal suitcases, to prevent bruising its petals. Handed off at the aiports, they are express jetted to Grasse France just in time to make the extraction process within the time frame of the flowers optimal freshness. These intricate steps are crucial to obtain the aromatic potency and powerful skincare benefits of these precious flowers.

Is there really 3000 flowers in every bottle?

Yes give or take. 3000 is the average amount for all the Elixir Oud variations. Some have a few more, and some a few less. Flowers hold powerful therapeutic oils for both the skin and the body, but the oil extracted from them are quite low compared to the volume of flowers needed. Despite their well-documented therapeutic properties, flower oils are some of the most rare and costly ingredients in the world to produce. Nonetheless, we wanted the best sensorial qualities in aroma, texture, and skincare benefit; as well as being from earth to bottle to skin. That is why we chose 3000 flowers in every bottle — it’s the best natural complement to the world’s rarest ingredient, which is Oud.

Do the ingredients ever change?

Please be aware that ingredient lists may change or vary from time to time due to the nature of using all natural ingredients — i.e. unforeseen weather patterns yielding an undesirable crop. Refer to the ingredient lists on this website under the product description page for the most up to date list of ingredients, as alternative quality ingredients may be used.

Is the MILÈO packaging sustainable?

MILÈO's packaging philosophy upholds the same values as its ingredients inside — the very best. Our packaging is 40% bio-sourced, 70% from renewable resources, and 100% recyclable. We use hand-blown glass bottles from Italy and boxes from the U.S. Our caps are made from compressed wood pulp which are 100% reusable. Some of the reusable materials used include playground equipment and train railway tracks. The only plastic component used is a small LDPE orifice reducer that is easily removed from the glass bottle for recycling. When using eco-friendly packaging, it becomes easy to recycle and reuse the entire package. Some customers have reused the box as an excellent space-saving tool via the Marie Kondo method.

Are MILÈO ingredients also sustainable?

All of our ingredients are organically cultivated, wildcrafted, or ethically farmed and verified by GC/MS analysis to guarantee each is 100% pure, chemical free, and pesticide free.


Organically grown and sourced from distillers who old organic certification.


Harvested in the wild from its natural country of origin — an ideal habitat.

Ethically Farmed

Sustainable farming practices without the use of pesticides or petrochemical waste.

What about the sustainability of Sandalwood?

We know that using East Indian Mysore sandalwood is controversial, as its been over-harvested and is on the brink of extinction. Cutting down sandalwood is now illegal in India after many years of deforestation. Our Mysore sandalwood has been sanctioned by the government from reputable distillers who only use the tree’s stumps and roots from trees that have already been cut down. It turns out, that the natural sandalwood oil left in the stump and root has a higher percentage of the compound Santalol, which gives sandalwood its creamy, buttery woods aroma, and revitalizing skincare benefits. Once the existing stump and roots have been fully extracted, 30 new sandalwood saplings are planted, tagged, and protected.

Are MILÈO products vegan and cruelty free?

Yes. All ingredients are 100% from plants and flowers, and are certified cruelty-free by Leaping Bunny and PETA.

Why do I see floaters in my bottle?

Raw botanical ingredients contain natural plant waxes and flower components that may solidify in cooler temperatures or settle to the bottom of the bottle. Good news! They are actually full of nutrients that make your skin softer and smoother.

Why has the color of my bottle changed?

Unprocessed flowers and plants contain natural components that visually enhance our elixirs into an array of beautiful colors. Unlike synthetics or dyes, these natural colors are unstable and can change in the presence of sunlight and extreme temperatures. It’s advised to keep your elixir bottle in a dark and cool place, out of sunlight and away from any heat source. If your bottle has changed color, but the scent has not changed, then it’s still good to use, but immediately store it away from sunlight and heat, in a cool dark place. Be sure the bottle’s lid is tightly sealed after each use.

Why has my bottle changed its scent?

It’s common after many uses for the elixir oils to accumulate around the outside of the bottle’s neck, and inside the lid. These exposed oils can oxidize, altering it’s molecular structure and developing an unpleasant odor. To avoid rancidity, it’s recommended to swipe off any excess elixir oil from the bottle’s neck after each use, and wipe the lid and outer neck with a dry cloth every week or two. Never let any moisture or water in or around the bottle as that will also accelerate oxidation. Be sure the bottle’s lid is tightly sealed after each use.

When does my bottle expire?

Every bottle of Elixir Oud has a shelf life of 3 years, and since they are all hand-made in small batches, you’re guaranteed to have a fresh bottle from the moment it’s ordered. It’s recommended to finish the bottle within 12 months of use. If your elixir bottle’s both color and scent has drastically changed to be unpleasant, and feels more thick and sticky, then it has expired and recommended to discontinue its use. Discard the remainder, and recycle the bottle.

What is the shipping policy?

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What is the return policy?

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How do I order wholesale?

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How do I contact Public Relations?

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Any other questions?

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