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OUD: Rare. Remarkable.

Oud is the rarest ingredient on Earth, and one of the most remarkable ingredients on skin.

Every bottle of MILÈO contains 100-year old Oud extracted from the agarwood tree. This nutrient dense resin has anti-aging molecules that fight against toxicity, and greatly restores and extends the tree’s life. Oud has been scientifically studied to have the same remarkable effects on skin — reviving and protecting our own youthful vitality.



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"This is the new knockout skincare Range for face oil fanatics"


Supple Skin

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"A truly luxe face treatment that smells heavenly"




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"The most beautiful face oil you've ever seen - and makes your skin look better!"

-hello giggles


Lifted Skin

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"for something this luxurious, truly effective, and multi-functional, I’ll happily splurge"


Above Aromatic. Beyond Organic.

Every bottle contains 3000 flowers — for both effective skincare results, and natural fragrance bliss. Massage on face and dab on pulse points to find out what we mean.

All ingredients go beyond organic by being 100% cruelty and chemical free, both in cultivation and extraction (no hexane nor pesticides), and verified by a GC/MS analysis to prove it. No nuts, citrus, mint, spice, or oil fractions are used (The Fearful Five) — so even sensitive skins can breathe a sigh of relief. In fact, we encourage all skin types to.

Matthew Milèo

"Matthew Milèo found wellness long before the 'W' word became a pervasive part of today’s culture" - VOGUE


Tired of chemicals and harmful ingredients, Matthew Milèo had a big ambition: create a luxurious, aromatic, chemical-free skincare line that would prove to the world that pure can be powerful.

Inspired by the finding of a magical anti-aging ingredient, Oud, known for its ultra-repairative and soothing qualities, he originally designed Elixir Oud to help his cancer-struck godmother reclaim her vitality. He soon realized, however, that the ingredients he’d carefully sourced and picked, the ones his godmother raved about, could repair the skin and relax the mind for everyone.