Every ingredient in Elixir Oud is from the best botanical specimen in its country of natural origin. There are unique flowers and ingredients to each elixlir that bestows its special skincare benefits. Additionally, there is a signature blend of ingredients that are in every Elixir Oud:

  • Thai Oud resin - repairs every sign of aging and regenerates healthy, resilient skin tissue that's protected from sun damage, free radicals, and even cancer cells.

  • East Indian Mysore Sandalwood - powerfully fortifies the skin.

  • French Orris root - nature’s most powerful fixative, and mops up oxidative stress

  • Indian Jasmine flower - restores skin’s firmness, and suppleness

  • Indian Ambrette seed - nature’s only alternative to animal musk, and a source of Alpha Hydroxy Acid.

  • Peruvian Passion flower seed - when molecularly distilled, it regenerates, repairs, and remodels the dermis.





‘The Collagen Maker’ that firms, smoothes, and restructures skin’s appearance.

  • French Red Narcissus flower - revitalizes skin’s collagen and elastin producing properties.

  • French White Lupine Seed - makes new, stronger collagen and remodels the dermis.

  • French Tuberose flower - tones and tightens the look of skin.

  • Columbian Gardenia flower - brightens the skin with vitamins and minerals.

  • Indian Amla Fruit - nature’s most potent antioxidant that thickens skin’s density.

  • Japanese White Camellia seed - plumps the skin and makes it supple.

  • Kenyan Greenheart Wood - a calming anti-inflammatory that soothes the skin.

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‘The Night Regenerator’ that repairs, lifts, and revitalizes skin’s health

  • Corsican Golden Immortelle flower - stimulates healthy skin cell regeneration.

  • Brazilian Cacay seed - repairs skin with nature’s most potent source of retinol.

  • French Genet flower - contains nature’s most powerful antioxidant superoxide dismutase

  • French Orange Blossom flower - aligns skin’s circadian biorhythm for night repair

  • Moroccan Prickly Pear Cactus seed - detoxifies skin with nature’s most potent source of Vitamin E.

  • Philippine Elemi resin - lifts the skin by stimulating tensin to support its structure.

  • Egyptian Calendula flower - soothes and calms skin, restoring its protective barrier.

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‘The Radiance Creator’ that brightens, strengthens, and protects skin’s glow

  • Indian Pink Lotus flower - picked on the 3rd day of harvest, it visibly tones and energizes the skin, correcting discolorations.

  • Tunisian Roselle Hibiscus seed - this ‘Botox Plant’ contains gentle AHA that firms, smoothes, and brightens the skin, fading dark spots.

  • Indian Pink Champaca flower - relaxes tension to soften fine lines and wrinkles.

  • Thai Frangipani flower - stimulates circulation and eliminates toxins.

  • Australian Buddha wood - strengthens skin natural defenses.

  • Indian Ginger Lily - oxygenates and warms skin’s surface for a healthy glow.

  • German Seabuckthorn berry - shields skin from pollution, sun, and stress.

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‘The Face Plumper’ that nourishes, comforts, and renews skin’s moisture

  • Moroccan Blue Tansy flower - cushions with renewing nutrients.

  • Japanese White Camellia seed - plumps with moisture, and prevents dehydration while respecting pores.

  • Chinese Osmanthus blossom - an anti-glycation agent that protects skin’s suppleness from elastin breakdown.

  • Namibian Ximenia seed - replenishes hydration, fills lines, boosts circulation, and restores elasticity with rare Ximenynic Acid.

  • Bulgarian Blue Yarrow flower - calms and protects from irritants.

  • Australian Blue Cypress wood - softens and tightens skin.

  • Bourbon Geranium flower - fades discolorations.

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‘The Skin Refiner’ that clarifies, tones, and refreshes skin’s luminosity

  • French Violet Leaf - refines pores and clears skin from imperfections.

  • Indian Jasmine flower - softens the skin and restores its elasticity

  • Australian Sandalwood seed - suppresses oil production and normalizes its output.

  • Namibian Kalahari Melon seed - hydrates, and dissolves excess sebum.

  • Thai Magnolia Blossom flower - detoxifies and retexturizes skin’s surface.

  • Bulgarian Zdravets flower - lightens discolorations and prevents blemishes.

  • Iranian Galbanum resin - firms and freshens the look of skin.

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